Transform gradients & photos into beautiful patterns

PolyGen is the app for Low Poly art. It lets you create abstract wallpapers and photo-based crystal patterns. Automatically or by hand.

PolyGen patterns are ready to be used as mobile or desktop wallpapers, avatars, or social media backgrounds. What pattern are you going to create?

Samples & App Screenshots

For latest samples & screenshots check the App Store or Google Play Store entries. You can also explore the official gallery on Tumblr. Make sure to submit your own artworks there too!

How it works?

Low Poly abstract patterns feature unique, eye-catching style. Would you like to know how they’re made? This article is going to answer your questions. Read more on Medium...

Technical Specification

Are you a developer? Curious what tools have been used in the making of PolyGen? I'm listing all of them for you. Read more on Medium...